Jerry Seinfeld & Eddie Murphy Debate The Funniest Comedian Of All Time | Netflix Is A Joke


Eddie Murphy joins Jerry Seinfeld for a special Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to discuss the evolution of comedy from the past to the present. Who is going to be on the "Mount Rushmore" of comedy?
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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jerry & Eddie Interview


  • Gia
    Gia4 orë më parë

    Jerry is the "this is fine" meme in person

  • mauro moris
    mauro moris5 orë më parë

    The delicious ptarmigan legally knit because cheque perinatally deserve beneath a opposite pentagon. broken, incompetent switch

  • Quetell
    Quetell7 orë më parë

    36:41 Isn't that Helen from Drake and Josh?!

  • ARK Angel
    ARK Angel10 orë më parë

    Wish I could mute Joy Reid from this interview. Otherwise I could listen to these guys all day

  • BloodyMaori
    BloodyMaori11 orë më parë

    Joy Reid is still a tool.

  • Smokee Whine
    Smokee Whine13 orë më parë

    great interview I really enjoyed this

  • tsotas1968
    tsotas196818 orë më parë


  • M Allen
    M Allen19 orë më parë

    Eddie is the most talented man in America.

  • Julie Isom
    Julie IsomDitë më parë

    I like The Little People too!

  • Antonio Polite
    Antonio PoliteDitë më parë

    They didn’t get any coffee ☕️ in the car 🤦

  • 700 Block
    700 BlockDitë më parë

    Bernie Mac is funnier than Eddie frfr

  • Julie Isom
    Julie IsomDitë më parë


  • Julie Isom
    Julie IsomDitë më parë

    48 Hours

  • Julie Isom
    Julie IsomDitë më parë

    Flip Wilson was a genius!

  • Julie Isom
    Julie IsomDitë më parë

    Funny and cute

  • Root Mr
    Root MrDitë më parë

    "He bought this with JOKES!!" - Eddie Murphy lmao

  • R.I.SE. Litvincuk
    R.I.SE. Litvincuk2 ditë më parë


  • Israelite Tribe of Judah
    Israelite Tribe of Judah2 ditë më parë

    Eddie is way funnier then Seinfeld

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee2 ditë më parë

    Never found Seinfeld to be funny

  • Summer Time

    Summer Time

    Ditë më parë

    Omg FINALLY found a person that thinks like I do... I’ve always hated the show Seinfeld it is so overrated he is so arrogant it’s just nauseating I really feel like he thinks he is the funniest person it doesn’t leave any room for anyone to believe otherwise it’s just so odd yes I love to curb your enthusiasm so hence definitely Seinfeld ...he sucks. ( I know I’ll get blasted... and some may even say it’s blasphemous) Boy am I glad to find someone else that thinks that!

  • LifeIsMusik MusikIsLife
    LifeIsMusik MusikIsLife2 ditë më parë

    When you interview comedians, it automatically becomes a comedy show.

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius2 ditë më parë

    Jerry: all the sudden i'm hanging out with comedians. All other comedians: we all have been hanging out for years. Jerry too good for us.

  • Rage jun No Videos
    Rage jun No Videos3 ditë më parë

    daym... is Eddy immortal...?

  • Alice is Still in Chains
    Alice is Still in Chains3 ditë më parë

    they both look nervous.....why? cause they know shes trash

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake3 ditë më parë

    This is a very easy debate because they both do opposite in one area. Eddie Murphy is obviously the better on film, TV and films. But Jerry is better on stage and crowd work... He puts on a great show and works hard at his craft not that Eddie doesn't. But let's be honest who ever watched Seinfeld and felt it was actually funny? Seinfeld is one of the most dull bland and overly white bread dry acting shows I can think of

  • Travis
    Travis3 ditë më parë

    "are there any comics you see coming up?" - a year later - MARK NORMAND

  • roy boy
    roy boy3 ditë më parë

    Jerry Seinfeld sucks he is not funny in the least bit

  • Rinbloch
    Rinbloch4 ditë më parë

    Its norm macdonald

  • Follow Me To
    Follow Me To5 ditë më parë

    Who the fuck is this woman...

  • Miles S
    Miles S6 ditë më parë

    Difficult to understand however Joy could take such a passionate position on misogyny when reporting on issues such as gamergate; then toss out a sychophantic reference to Murphy's "Raw", a movie containing some incredibly hateful women bashing content. Funny how the media selectively applies the tenets of outrage culture.

  • Janet Lucas
    Janet Lucas6 ditë më parë

    Finally, mentioned a woman. Joan Rivers.

  • Janet Lucas
    Janet Lucas6 ditë më parë

    Flip Wlson was the bomb diggety.

  • brianjirish
    brianjirish6 ditë më parë

    Damn that's a mighty fine woman. i didn't even noticed Jerry or Eddie

  • Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler

    3 ditë më parë


  • T'KeyahtheONLYSwtorQueen McEntirefamfaketoswtor
    T'KeyahtheONLYSwtorQueen McEntirefamfaketoswtor6 ditë më parë

    Why are you telling me this shit? I did NOT ask you a single question pertaining to what your opinion is with myself.

  • Dan Morrison
    Dan Morrison6 ditë më parë

    Hang on... Is that Yvette Nicole Brown in the audience?

  • Kato Rax
    Kato Rax6 ditë më parë

    Shirley just gon ask a question like she aint famous.

  • Marcus Clayton Blaisdell
    Marcus Clayton Blaisdell6 ditë më parë

    Debate starts at 21:20

  • Darren Abraham
    Darren Abraham7 ditë më parë

    2 legends and these are the questions. Joy is horrible.

  • Lsjwo Loi
    Lsjwo Loi7 ditë më parë

    The efficient pea untypically retire because visitor postoperatively need by a truculent south africa. unequaled, whispering smash

    EDSON ADE7 ditë më parë

    Both of this guys knows that Dave Chapelle is the GOAT✌️

  • Mark Priest
    Mark Priest7 ditë më parë

    Was gonna watch this...till i saw the horrible host.

  • kpcali 53
    kpcali 537 ditë më parë

    I LOVE Eddie's voice!

  • Gen D
    Gen D8 ditë më parë

    please add the name of the host.. ??

  • Nonya Damnbusiness
    Nonya Damnbusiness8 ditë më parë

    How the fuck is Jerry Seinfeld supposed to know what's funny?

  • Tommy Clutts
    Tommy Clutts8 ditë më parë

    Who has to read an introduction? Looks like memorizing or ad libbing a two sentence introduction was to much for her

  • K Kroeger
    K Kroeger8 ditë më parë

    Eddie Murphy is funny when he isn't even trying hard...

  • Frank Quarters
    Frank Quarters8 ditë më parë

    Joy is a joke.

  • Jack Ovall Suits
    Jack Ovall Suits8 ditë më parë

    Seinfeld on Bill Burr: "Don't lean on the mic stand..."

  • P. J. Casselman
    P. J. Casselman8 ditë më parë

    "Did they have stand-up in those days?" Jerry never heard of WC Fields or Eddie Cantor? Vaudeville comedians?

  • P. J. Casselman
    P. J. Casselman8 ditë më parë

    70s black comedians (I'll miss some) Cosby, Pryor, Flip Wilson, Redd Fox, Jimmie Walker, Nipsey Russell, Sherman Hemsley, and Garrett Morris.

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez8 ditë më parë

    “A charming drifter”...hilarious!

  • Asswhooper
    Asswhooper9 ditë më parë

    jerry is very good,eddie is phenomenal,chris rock is amazing,kevin hart,richard prior,geroge carlin,mac,ck,gervais ......all very good but the GOAT is dave chapelle

  • vikotto
    vikotto9 ditë më parë

    Murphy is waaaay funnier than Jerry on stage. Jerry is funnier on sitcoms.

  • AnthonyBaxter
    AnthonyBaxter9 ditë më parë

    Bernie Mac is my GOAT

  • MotoknivesandgunsbyJT
    MotoknivesandgunsbyJT9 ditë më parë

    Jerry. People don’t build things in attics.

  • MrRight James
    MrRight James9 ditë më parë

    Didn't he just steal the idea from James corden? He just replaced singers with comedians? And he has the nerve to say he come up with the idea hahah. There isn't an original idea in his head.

  • Ted Rocka
    Ted Rocka9 ditë më parë

    Rodney Dangerfield and Sam Kinison. Nobody tops those two. Fight me

  • Ed
    Ed10 ditë më parë

    Eddie Murphy! You ain't nobody! (Bernie Mac voice)

  • Paul Bellefeuille
    Paul Bellefeuille10 ditë më parë

    Scoey Mitchell is alive and well at age 90.. (as of January 2021)

  • andrew aj Jones
    andrew aj Jones10 ditë më parë

    Had to google Scowy Mitchell!

  • N D
    N D10 ditë më parë

    That interviewer is useless. The two of them would ve done fine on their own:)

  • Scott Swift
    Scott Swift10 ditë më parë

    Seinfeld stand up is not funny, super corny.

  • Kashi Soul
    Kashi Soul10 ditë më parë

    Why Joy Reid have clown makeup on?

  • Town of Jezza
    Town of Jezza10 ditë më parë

    33:57 dammit, now I gotta binge watch little women of Atlanta and LA

  • Tone K
    Tone K11 ditë më parë

    Seinfeld loving Bernie mac makes me like him. RIP Bernie mac.

  • 700 Block

    700 Block

    Ditë më parë

    Mad respect

  • Tyler Reeves

    Tyler Reeves

    7 ditë më parë

    Watched Bad Santa last month and it made me so happy to laugh from his performance again. RIP

  • mfasis crack beats

    mfasis crack beats

    8 ditë më parë


  • Grain OP
    Grain OP11 ditë më parë

    Eddie needs to decide what he wants to do with his head.

  • Nick Hanson
    Nick Hanson11 ditë më parë

    The girl that asked about advice and cosby, is that the girl from community?

  • Jordan Dayman

    Jordan Dayman

    9 ditë më parë

    I noticed the same thing. Definitely her!

  • Artistic Skillz
    Artistic Skillz11 ditë më parë

    Seinfeld even now comes across as someone up his own ass. Egotistical.

  • Mike V
    Mike V12 ditë më parë

    Who's this host...really did a wonderful job

  • Ian Baker [Student]
    Ian Baker [Student]12 ditë më parë

    The best at Ranting is Bill Burr without a doubt and the most effortlessly funny is Dave Chapelle

  • FifthElephant
    FifthElephant12 ditë më parë

    At the 36 minute mark it looks like Yvette Nicole Brown is asking the question, the lady from the community series. Is it her??

  • PreacherSavage


    11 ditë më parë

    We believe so

  • Factswise - Psychological facts
    Factswise - Psychological facts12 ditë më parë

    Patrice O'Neal. any day..... everytime.....

  • Dean Susec
    Dean Susec12 ditë më parë

    Jerry laughs more than he is actually funny himself. Watching Curb, I realize where seinfeld show actually came from!

  • motorsport_maniac
    motorsport_maniac12 ditë më parë

    One of the funniest was Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks stole his whole Act

  • Dynamo Arts
    Dynamo Arts12 ditë më parë

    Joy Reid. Watch-killer. Ugh.

  • palliard
    palliard13 ditë më parë

    look at Yvette Nicole Brown, at 36:47 in the audience, how cool!

  • Dennis Leavitt
    Dennis Leavitt13 ditë më parë

    Depends who says it... and more importantly WHOS IN THE CROWD.

  • Dennis Leavitt
    Dennis Leavitt13 ditë më parë

    Chaplin probably did stand-up or some form of it. It’s famously said that Mark Twain was the first true Stand up!

  • Dennis Leavitt
    Dennis Leavitt13 ditë më parë

    Lol, outrage culture is TOTALLY a first world thing!! Like.... you run out of things to complain about!!! 🤦‍♂️

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith13 ditë më parë

    I love Eddie Murphy but Jerry complaining about PC culture is tired and not funny.

  • Dylan Berndt
    Dylan Berndt13 ditë më parë

    You talk lovingly of Cosby???

  • nextari
    nextari13 ditë më parë

    She's all in command, side stepping Jerry. Because she want's Eddie to don his leather pants for her.

  • tish and mark backs
    tish and mark backs13 ditë më parë

    flip motherfuckin wilson!!!! the devil made me say that

  • Clinton McCool
    Clinton McCool13 ditë më parë

    joy was not even necessary. you could put these two masterminds together and let them go and it woukd have been just as entertaining if not more.

  • Ryan Foley
    Ryan Foley13 ditë më parë

    Eddy, the man on your right has harmed you behind your back because he is jealous --- AND THIS WILL NO LONGER CONTINUE JERRY

  • Clinton McCool

    Clinton McCool

    13 ditë më parë

    wtf are you talking about?

  • tracey dehaan
    tracey dehaan13 ditë më parë

    Does Eddie ever age?? I swear he doesn't .

  • Agent Sheenx
    Agent Sheenx13 ditë më parë

    The imported salmon bioinformatically unpack because state ipsilaterally repeat excluding a dizzy jet. squeamish, quixotic stinger

  • Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva
    Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva13 ditë më parë

    Shrek the Third taught me Flanderization. Even at age 10 I knew that 2007 Donkey was much too inconsistent with 2004 Donkey, same with all the other characters, except for maybe Charming who was probably more justified in the way he acted after the events of Shrek 2. Some people say Forever After redeemed the series but to me that's the very worst of all. Shrek 1 and 2 form a perfect dilogy, and Puss in Boots should be taught in film school, a master class in how to successfully spin off a character.

  • Randell Austin
    Randell Austin13 ditë më parë

    35:39 is that the lady from drake and josh, Yvette Nicole Brown

  • rajiv pathak

    rajiv pathak

    2 ditë më parë

    I think so too.

  • Mr Logical Mind
    Mr Logical Mind14 ditë më parë

    Who ever did her makeup at 1:42 needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. She looks like BOZO THE CLOWN.

  • Clinton McCool

    Clinton McCool

    13 ditë më parë

    she ALWAYS looks that way.

  • Jerome Golden
    Jerome Golden14 ditë më parë

    This why Dave Chappelle is so great because he can say what he wants and a way that makes u think and laughs and other comedians like him for that.

  • javier rocha
    javier rocha14 ditë më parë

    Jerry is full if shit... never funny to me, ever

  • Clinton McCool

    Clinton McCool

    13 ditë më parë

    too bad you have such a shitty sense of humor.

    NLRM OLDW15 ditë më parë

    Joy Reid’s such a beautiful woman. Simply gorgeous!



    13 ditë më parë

    @ Clinton McCool Depends on whose eyes you’re looking out of, my friend. Be a sad day when everybody begins to look the same to everybody.

  • Clinton McCool

    Clinton McCool

    13 ditë më parë

    ugh. she's revolting

  • Erich Costa
    Erich Costa15 ditë më parë

    "You ain't nobody!" LOL one of the hardestst laughs I've ever had! :D

  • Wu
    Wu15 ditë më parë

    I really dont get how jerry become so famous and rich. Dude bits are mediocrerly funny and has an annoying voice...

  • mike lovell
    mike lovell15 ditë më parë

    you can tell by the VOSS water how they turned on regular americans

  • Rossco P.Coltrane
    Rossco P.Coltrane15 ditë më parë

    1. George Carlin 2. Richard Pryor 3. Billy Connolly 4. Eddie Murphy 5. Roy Chubby Brown

  • HunterBidens Laptop
    HunterBidens Laptop15 ditë më parë

    Hypicrosy: The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. No respect for these 2020 sellouts. The smell/stench on that stage must have been overwhelming.

  • Lou Sass

    Lou Sass

    15 ditë më parë

    Lol what

  • Bird Doe
    Bird Doe15 ditë më parë

    Oh man I wanted to hear the rest of their Mount Rushmore of comedians.... Bernies on mine, in Mac's 1st 5mins on DefJam I laughed all day "KICK IT"

  • pika23
    pika2315 ditë më parë

    Scoey Mitchell is on youtube

  • maddymud
    maddymud15 ditë më parë

    I thought Chaplin came up through English Music Hall, their version of Vaudeville -- which is absolutely life performance. Probably more sketches and bits than stand-up.

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