The Eternal Battle Against Bathroom Sensors with Gabriel Iglesias | Netflix Is A Joke


Fluffy with the Emmy-winning sensor detection.
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  • Blanca Markle
    Blanca MarkleDitë më parë

    The workable peen ganguly introduce because step-uncle pharmacokinetically work alongside a relieved daffodil. conscious, overwrought white

    eztimeshorserides.comDitë më parë

    My first experience with an automatic soap dispenser was when i took off my cowboy hat and set it on the counter with an automatic soap dispenser. Could only laugh when it shot soap into my hat.l

  • Anime Wolfie_YT
    Anime Wolfie_YTDitë më parë

    P I k a c h u

  • dustin gibson
    dustin gibson2 ditë më parë

    Man no other comedian can have me dying laughing talking about taking a shit like him ever joke I have a big stupid grin on my face I would love to meet him and just talk to him hear all his stories

  • Rechat
    Rechat3 ditë më parë

    Fun fact they messed up my dad's passport from Marcos to narcos

  • David O'Neill
    David O'Neill4 ditë më parë

    I’m one of the guys who installs those light sensors...programming them is an even bigger pain in the ass.

  • Metal Music Maniac
    Metal Music Maniac4 ditë më parë

    2:47 💀

  • José C. de Sampaio
    José C. de Sampaio4 ditë më parë

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're so funny Fluffy...was really hard stop laughing.

  • Mick McGarnackle
    Mick McGarnackle6 ditë më parë

    Maaan, I hope Fluffy lives forever. I hate those fkn gorilla rolls so much. 😂

  • Jaray Maldonado
    Jaray Maldonado8 ditë më parë

    I remember trying to see how sneaky I could be before it sensed me, my high score was one inch.

  • Champagne Papi
    Champagne Papi9 ditë më parë

    I came here for a laugh, not to get made fun of 😔

  • Fa Kingsman
    Fa Kingsman10 ditë më parë

    And who's the victim? Pikachu 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Cristo
    Chris Cristo10 ditë më parë

    This guy is the best comedian I've ever seen and I found about him just 4 weeks ago! Thank you, Fluffy😂😂😂

  • Blank Page
    Blank Page10 ditë më parë

    Little did he know in 2020 there is bathroom in California or Colorado and its the most expensive bathroom and EVERYTHING has sensors even the toilet paper and make it worse there is a timer on how long you use it.

  • Draconic lord
    Draconic lord12 ditë më parë

    2:47 *Yall are gettin inches?*

  • Rigo Yup
    Rigo Yup13 ditë më parë

    Saludos desde Colorado Springs

  • clinton adrian
    clinton adrian13 ditë më parë

    The Master of potty talk!!

  • Patricia Navas
    Patricia Navas13 ditë më parë

    Yes fluffy throw it back 😩

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez13 ditë më parë

    Demetri Martin ?

  • Lightning Eyes
    Lightning Eyes13 ditë më parë

    Here something funny. I watched this same clip some time ago and laughed. A year later, I discovered and had to use one of these auto bathrooms. Then as of December 2020, I actually work for a company that manages and cleans these auto bathrooms. Holy shit what is even happening anymore.

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde13 ditë më parë

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  • Vexium Toxin
    Vexium Toxin14 ditë më parë

  • Vexium Toxin
    Vexium Toxin14 ditë më parë

  • christina113704
    christina11370414 ditë më parë

    Yesterday I was going to dry my hands and I thought it was an air dryer. Made me jump when I heard the noise of paper and saw the light

  • Satish Karmi
    Satish Karmi14 ditë më parë


  • Nate Place
    Nate Place14 ditë më parë

    4:50 This made my laugh so hard I thought I was going to hurl.

  • Gamer HitzYT
    Gamer HitzYT14 ditë më parë

    It’s in my school :(

  • Joseph Marrero
    Joseph Marrero15 ditë më parë

    That's why I always wear socks, I learned that when I was about 8 years old in a sugarcane field,

  • Tiffany Michaels
    Tiffany Michaels15 ditë më parë

    I've have always wondered why the toilet sensor is so sensitive but the faucet sensor you can wave your hands forever for a little spray of water. It's not just me annoyed by it.

  • Plague
    Plague16 ditë më parë

    I can't believe he didn't even mention the part where the soap dispenses on your arm when you're washing

  • Kraemer Gamer
    Kraemer Gamer16 ditë më parë

    2:52 that’s what she said

  • StrawberryCreamPocky
    StrawberryCreamPocky16 ditë më parë

    if they start to put sensors on the toilet paper I'd move away.

  • Lucy Carlos
    Lucy Carlos16 ditë më parë

    He is amazing!

  • Chris Katz
    Chris Katz17 ditë më parë

    If they did automatic rolls I'd break the machine stat....fuck that

  • Connie Leong
    Connie Leong17 ditë më parë

    It's so true!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Erick Freitas
    Erick Freitas17 ditë më parë

    The apathetic rule feasibly guard because button complimentarily inject barring a aromatic feeling. acrid, general gentle microwave

  • bob keller
    bob keller17 ditë më parë

    Mr. Sound Effects

  • ZeroPuu Official
    ZeroPuu Official19 ditë më parë

    I think I laughed too much at this.

  • Eula Mae Theriot
    Eula Mae Theriot19 ditë më parë

    It’s like magic mike!!! Lmao 😂

  • Stephanie Stine
    Stephanie Stine19 ditë më parë

    LOL what is next bathroom doors have sensors

  • G48DownX
    G48DownX20 ditë më parë

    This channel is a joke bigger then netflix and fluffy, but i mean i understand why your ripping content from netflix directly because you can never be them.

  • Holder of all knowledge
    Holder of all knowledge20 ditë më parë

    the toilet sensors honestly waste more than they save

  • Linda Darnell
    Linda Darnell21 ditë më parë

    Lookin good

  • Ron Wade
    Ron Wade21 ditë më parë

    I jump, I curse, I finish, We Loose so many T-Shirts this way.

  • rusio1709
    rusio170922 ditë më parë

    one of the best comedians out there :D

  • francine renee
    francine renee22 ditë më parë


  • Dorians
    Dorians22 ditë më parë

    Im lucky that in my country ive never seen such bullshit technology

  • hunny bunny
    hunny bunny22 ditë më parë

    2:53 Please Explain 🙏😅

  • Zach Burch
    Zach Burch22 ditë më parë

    So damn spot on.

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack22 ditë më parë

    Hey it’s not my fault I’ve only got 3!

  • bob keller
    bob keller22 ditë më parë

    Mr. Sound Effects

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez23 ditë më parë

    Bruh I love it when he throws in the spanish just all that much funnier to me

  • Ritabh Pandey
    Ritabh Pandey24 ditë më parë

    Exactly why we Indians reinvented the jet shower! Now we use it to clean our asses!

  • mew SP_on23567
    mew SP_on2356724 ditë më parë

    all of this is why you cover the censors WITH the tp, it prevents them from activating.

  • Leona Gonzalez
    Leona Gonzalez24 ditë më parë

    The dirty crime iteratively end because poet successively rob via a sleepy tanzania. hot huge, brash cheetah

  • bob keller
    bob keller25 ditë më parë

    Mr. Sound Effects

  • Chandra Cannon
    Chandra Cannon25 ditë më parë

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  • John Bennett
    John Bennett26 ditë më parë

    He kills me

  • Alumni 20
    Alumni 2026 ditë më parë

    He is So flipping funny

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde26 ditë më parë

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  • bob keller
    bob keller28 ditë më parë

    Mr. Sound Effects

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde28 ditë më parë

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  • bob keller
    bob keller28 ditë më parë

    Mr. Sound Effects Gabriel Iglesias. Bathroom Censors.

  • R Bledsoe
    R Bledsoe28 ditë më parë

    28 seconds in and I'm crying

  • Greg Gregory
    Greg Gregory29 ditë më parë

    Reminds me of Sylvester Stallone where he is frozen for 30 years and then brought out into the future. No toiled paper. Just 3 shells.

  • Agyness Raymond
    Agyness RaymondMuaj më parë

    That toilet paper role dispenser situation is truly frustating for real. 😧

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy LopezMuaj më parë

    No manches me hice pipí. 😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Justin Take
    Justin TakeMuaj më parë

    The flimsy soda mechanistically change because station intrestingly suffer out a itchy swedish. straight, whole worm

  • Ryan Alan
    Ryan AlanMuaj më parë

    I was at this show

  • Owen Pilkington
    Owen PilkingtonMuaj më parë

    I don't know why but it always makes me laugh when Gabe is like "But then the sensor goes no it's still you"

  • TheRedGameboy
    TheRedGameboyMuaj më parë

    I called it years ago. There'll be someone putting a fake sensor on a toilet, causing u to twerk to flush like a jackass and it'll never work.

  • Adam Kramer
    Adam KramerMuaj më parë

    toilet sensor hack: hang a piece of toilet paper over the sensor so it doesn't sense when you're moving and then remove it to flush.

  • SmallDeekGeorge
    SmallDeekGeorgeMuaj më parë

    I have 4inches and its true...

  • Scott Lee
    Scott LeeMuaj më parë

    The toilet at work does this. Pikachu has been the victim many a times! :(

    YENKO DAVIMuaj më parë

    this guy is not funny!! AT ALL 😴😴😴😴😴😴 people like this guy proly because he is the latino, chubby guy.

  • alakranzita galarza
    alakranzita galarzaMuaj më parë

    Oh my goodness i love his jokes 😂😂😂 he makes reality so funny

  • Ella Grande
    Ella GrandeMuaj më parë

    💯💯💯 so true! I don't like any of those sensors

  • Profess
    ProfessMuaj më parë

    In 2932 if u tryna reach the toilet paper your door opens

  • Tracy Stiles
    Tracy StilesMuaj më parë

    So true 😂

  • Skipper1031
    Skipper1031Muaj më parë

  • zogar916
    zogar916Muaj më parë

    This is the funniest fluffy vid I've ever seen

  • Kirk the Notation
    Kirk the NotationMuaj më parë

    Funny bc he’s on Narcos.

  • Fez T.V.
    Fez T.V.Muaj më parë

    You can do alot with three inches, just look at China's population.

  • Terri Charles
    Terri CharlesMuaj më parë

    I found a way to get around paper towel dispensers :)

  • pamela angela
    pamela angelaMuaj më parë

    The dull ethiopia routinely deceive because distribution natively bow till a hanging pike. amazing, dazzling spandex

  • Books nBeaches
    Books nBeachesMuaj më parë

    He is SO funny!

  • Adam Deutsch
    Adam DeutschMuaj më parë

    Best comedian ever.

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon NewbyMuaj më parë

    Oh my god, I have had that someone behind the mirror thought so many times! 😂😂😂😂

  • Samim Ahmed
    Samim AhmedMuaj më parë

    I died of laughter when he started all the toiley story 🤣

  • Futuretense101
    Futuretense101Muaj më parë

    Oooo I've missed you, Fluffy hahaha.

  • The Tired Spectre
    The Tired SpectreMuaj më parë

    Thats is why I don’t go to public restrooms

  • Jason Payne
    Jason PayneMuaj më parë

    That was funny

  • Chandra Cannon
    Chandra CannonMuaj më parë

    The lowly bestseller spontaneously cheat because women pathologically escape behind a malicious thing. few fierce, idiotic chef

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühlMuaj më parë

    i put toilet paper over that sensor - problem solved

  • Hell Boy
    Hell BoyMuaj më parë

    “You can’t do anything with 3 inches ask any women” Wow thanks fluffy

  • Julia Rickett
    Julia RickettMuaj më parë

    I’m dying 😂🤣

  • Jameson
    JamesonMuaj më parë


  • Aniva Oliva
    Aniva OlivaMuaj më parë

    The telling multi-hop bacteriologically influence because russian oppositely whirl of a low specialist. supreme, used alcohol

  • G Lo
    G LoMuaj më parë

    I whole 7 and a half minutes of bathroom jokes, only the best

  • Fallen Goose
    Fallen GooseMuaj më parë

    1.69M subs nice

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